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0014251Cloud Instance SIG[All Projects] generalpublic2017-12-07 19:502017-12-07 19:59
PlatformAWS m5.*OScentosOS Version7
Summary0014251: M5 not supported
DescriptionThe CentOS 7 image in the AWS Marketplace does not support the m5 family
Steps To ReproduceLoad EC2 console
Switch to a region that supports m5 (such as 'N Virginia' or us-east-1)
Click launch
Switch to "AWS Marketplace"
Search for centos
Click 'Select' on "CentOS 7 (x86_64) - with Updates HVM"
Attempt to choose among the m5 family of instance types
Failure: This instance type is not compatible with the selected AMI
Additional InformationThe m5 family is supported by both RHEL and Amazon Linux. Whatever they did, please do it to CentOS as well
TagsAmazon, aws, ec2
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