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0010317CentOS-7gdmpublic2017-01-04 16:59
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntelOSCentOSOS Version7.2.1511
Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version7.3.1611 
Summary0010317: gdm ignores configured keyboard layout when installed with kde Desktop. It's always US
DescriptionWhen installing CentOS 7.2(1511) with kde desktop we always have en_us layout on the gdm-login-screen. Moreover the button for choosing the keyboard layout on the login screen was missing, so we were stuck with the english keyboard layout. I had a testbox installed with gnome desktop: The problem was no longer present. When I updated a working CentOS 7.1 installation (gdm/kde) with yum update to the level of CentOS 7.2 (1511) there was no problem either.

We now face the problem not being able to install CentOS 7.2(1511) from scratch with gdm and kde-desktop and a non-english keyboard layout.

Steps To ReproduceInstall CentOS 7.2(1511)
During Installation:
Choose Locale: de (Deutsch) / Keyboard de (Deutsch)
Choose Software: "KDE-Desktop"
You will end up with a gdm using us-layout and missing the Button to choose the keyboard-layout.
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2016-02-04 15:49

manager   ~0025602

For the time being, after you login to KDE, you should be able to change the keyboard layout (at least I was).


2016-02-05 06:41

reporter   ~0025625

Yes, that's true. But typing the password can be real fun. By the way, this problem reminds me of bug report #0006755.


2016-03-08 13:55

reporter   ~0025951

But everytime you log out, you are stuck with US-keyboard layout again. You have to change the keyboard layout EVERYTIME you log out and log in. That's really annoying.


2017-01-04 13:41

reporter   ~0028272

This issue appears to be fixed in 7.1611.


2017-01-04 16:59

manager   ~0028275

Fixed as per user's report. Closing as resolved.

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