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0010445CentOS-7resource-agentspublic2019-09-28 18:17
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Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010445: Resource-agents version 3.9.5-54.el7_2.6 break nfsserver resources
DescriptionUnder resource-agents-3.9.5-54.el7_2.1.x86_64, nfsserver resources start and stop without issue.
After updating to the latest version of this package, the nfsserver resources will not start under pacemaker.
Steps To ReproduceHave a working pacemaker cluster containing NFS resources...
Our example is:
 pcs resource show nfs-prd-nfs-server
 Resource: nfs-prd-nfs-server (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=nfsserver)
  Attributes: nfs_shared_infodir=/srv/nfs/nfsinfo nfs_no_notify=true
  Operations: start interval=0s timeout=90s (nfs-prd-nfs-server-start-interval-0s-timeout-90s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=60s (nfs-prd-nfs-server-stop-interval-0s-timeout-60s)
              monitor interval=30s (nfs-prd-nfs-server-monitor-interval-30s)

Update to latest resource agents, then try to start the nfs resource.
It will fail with:
* nfs-prd-nfs-server_start_0 on am-cov-mys01n2 'unknown error' (1): call=93, status=complete, exitreason='Failed to start nfs-idmapd',
Additional InformationReverting to previous resource-agents package resolved the issue
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2016-03-15 05:13

reporter   ~0026032

It might be related to the resource-agent creating a /etc/sysconfig/nfs file (and backup). The older version modifies the existing file, the newer seems to overwrite it, but I haven't look at all the differences. I can confirm it is broken as the reporter says.

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