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0010697Buildsysdev infrastructurepublic2016-04-14 13:25
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Summary0010697: Mirror tripleo images to buildlogs
DescriptionCurrently we have images for tripleo getting produced via CI and published to the artifacts server.

We would like to mirror this content to buildlogs.

We could sync:$RELEASE/$BUILD_SYS/stable/


with RELEASE in [newton, mitaka, liberty] and BUILD_SYS in [cbs, delorean]

We could also update BUILD_SYS to have different names like [official, trunk].

There is an md5 published with the images, and that can be used to check for changes in content as well as to make sure the sync is successful.
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2016-04-11 15:34

administrator   ~0026256

can you define what the filename is going to look like ? ( ie, i just want to workout the md5 paths that we need to check, this will need to be a fixed list )


2016-04-11 15:57

reporter   ~0026257

There are three files (each w/ .md5), one for the undercloud:


and two for the overcloud:


The overcloud images are built-in to the undercloud image, but for baremetal installs the undercloud image is not used, so it would be good to have them mirrored as well.

2016-04-14 13:24

administrator   ~0026285

Images are now available at :

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