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Summary0010730: Please provide machine-readble cloud-image list
DescriptionWe would like to have access to a machine readable version of the list here: [1]


The list should ideally include:

- filename (should be something users can recognise and be unique among other images)
- image name (probably 'centos-generic-cloud', but there could be other image flavours in the future)
- centos version
- image version (for the case where there was more then one image released for the same centos version)
- arch
- file format
- sha256sum

If the filename will be in the n-v-r format like package names then the image name, centos version and image version will be included inside it and will not need to be specified separately.
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Richard Jones

Richard Jones

2016-04-19 13:11

reporter   ~0026318

Before inventing something new, please look at the existing tools and metadata formats. Tools: virt-builder. Metadata formats: The virt-builder index.asc file, or Ubuntu's SimpleStreams. Don't invent yet another metadata format that we'll have to implement.
Richard Jones

Richard Jones

2016-04-19 13:12

reporter   ~0026319

Example index.asc file:

2016-04-19 23:54

administrator   ~0026326

thanks for the pointers Richard, i think we should be able to just work with these formats.


2016-06-02 13:06

reporter   ~0026752

Any chance of seeing some progress here soon?


2019-04-26 03:44

administrator   ~0034353

Closing old bugs. Please reopen if necessary

2019-04-26 15:05

administrator   ~0034397


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