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0010769CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-01-29 16:35
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Summary0010769: Request to get access to to carry out CI for Kontinuity
DescriptionRequesting a login to access to enable CI testing of Kontinuity (

My public key is:

ssh-rsa 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2016-05-11 12:36

administrator   ~0026493


is there a url or an upstream project url you can drop in here ? Also, can you add a few comments about what and how you intend to run the test infra inside of ?



2016-05-11 18:35

reporter   ~0026503

Kontinuity is the upstream project. We are looking to leverage the CI environment to validate applications that a part of the Kontinuity against current and upstream builds of OpenShift. While requirements are still ongoing, we will be looking to leverage Jenkins to orchestrate builds and utilize a static OpenShift environment as well as dynamically provisioning OpenShift environments to execute application tests to validate integration and system functionality.

[1] -


2016-05-16 11:32

reporter   ~0026566

Catapult project [1] under Kontinuity org is the one for which we intend to use CentOS CI infra as mentioned by ablock.


2016-05-23 15:36

administrator   ~0026664

+1. Brian, lets add Andrew.

We need a new project for Kontinuity as well. Please mark this as an upstream (ie. not via SIG ) project.


2016-05-25 04:34

administrator   ~0026681


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