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Summary0011027: Account request for
DescriptionName: Marek Skalick√Ĺ (mskalick)
Public key: ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDONtGJn+PKhJZQnKB2XNwSRycP/tGWA3wSvslA4G/SXdOr+9M1R5mGe1vuSViQC4XjinXAQLipXWg7+3SCqmmTITdjlBMRMidmfsSNbelrFm9ORpqkTMMYzdB1oraUER6Eodvgnw6ssCVz4r8qt2SZlIy6AEFf6Ea+BfJF3ZwH3AvPWmMHZpbt9esDK84Rt32MFbn0qqlCAFo1OIBriML3Qd8mjur7vOS00gN6Oh3lIuawqTiHC0v8qUq+Mvr90isv2FNFrA/g75iJP/dpeQUAd5pWQTdRZ64Wb7hQ0bu8co8yMNGckL/v0+aVCoR965z7e/+gQYXBH11CkMvd3qEl

Project: SCL (Software Collections) SIG tests.

I want to add and update tests for SCL images.
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2016-06-20 14:20

reporter   ~0026930

+1, Marek is part of SCL development team

2016-06-20 15:07

administrator   ~0026932

can we get some details as to how the images are going to be pushed / build / tested across the different instances ?


2016-06-20 15:57

reporter   ~0026933

So far it's just about testing the PRs on github, so we know whether the PR breaks the image or not.

For example -- there is a test/run file for every version, which should be run after building the image (building just for testing at this point).

I've kicked off a discussion about how to integrate the Pipeline at


2016-06-21 14:25

administrator   ~0026941


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