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0001103CentOS-4Otherpublic2011-10-05 16:56
ReporterLuc Ducazu 
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version4.1 - i386 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001103: newgrp fails with password
DescriptionAs root, create a group and add a password
# groupadd lusers
# gpasswd lusers
[enter password]

As a normal user, log in to the new group using the password
$ newgrp lusers
Password: [enter correct password]
newgrp: Permission denied.
Additional InformationThis fails on FC3 as well, however it works on FC4 with the latest shadow-utils installed.
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related to 0005167 newIssue Tracker CentOS-6 newgrp fails with password 


2005-11-19 03:01

administrator   ~0002942

an updated shadow-utils was pushed out today to the update repositories, can you verify that the problem still persists ?
Luc Ducazu

Luc Ducazu

2005-11-19 15:53

reporter   ~0002944

I installed shadow-utils-4.0.3-58.RHEL4 and tried again.
The problem seems to be persisting.


2010-02-16 21:23

reporter   ~0011011

Compare to


2011-10-05 11:21

reporter   ~0013466

Problem still exists for CentOS Linux release 6.0 (Final).
Do solve the problem I compiled a new rpm out of shadow-utils-, coming with fedora15 and made an update with the new package.


2011-10-05 16:54

administrator   ~0013472

Since EL-4 is in the "Production 3 Phase" of its lifetime upstream, this issue is likely never to be fixed.

See this link for info on fixes in the various phases:

Since the CentOS goal is an exact functionality rebuild, if the issues exists upstream, it will also exist in CentOS.


2011-10-05 16:56

administrator   ~0013473

This issue will likely not be fixed upstream, so will remain in CentOS as well.

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