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0011085Buildsysdev infrastructurepublic2017-08-09 13:02
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0011085: [Storage SIG] CBS tags hierarchy for AArch64 rebuild Ceph hammer
DescriptionTo be able to build OpenStack Mitaka for AArch64 architecture I need to build ceph-hammer repository.

Build target: aarch64-storage7-ceph-hammer-el7
Buildroot: aarch64-storage7-ceph-hammer-build
Buildroot inheritance:

Destination tag: aarch64-storage7-ceph-hammer-candidate

Publishing tags:

The goal of architecture specific tags is ability to make builds separated from x86-64 before everything will be ready for merging.

Steps To ReproduceWill also send request for openstack-mitaka dependencies:

- cloud7-openstack-common-{candidate,release,testing} - bug 11084
- cloud7-openstack-mitaka-{candidate,release,testing} - bug 11084
- virt7-kvm-common-{candidate,release,testing}

but that would be separate bugs.
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Closing old tickets. Feel free to reopen if needed.

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