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0011086Buildsysdev infrastructurepublic2017-08-09 13:01
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Platformaarch64OSOS Version
Summary0011086: [Virt SIG] CBS tags hierarchy for AArch64 rebuild of virt/kvm-common repo
DescriptionTo be able to build OpenStack Mitaka for AArch64 architecture I need to build virt/kvm-common repository.

Build target: aarch64-virt7-kvm-common-el7
Buildroot: aarch64-virt7-kvm-common-build
Buildroot inheritance:

Destination tag: aarch64-virt7-kvm-common-candidate

Publishing tags:

The goal of architecture specific tags is ability to make builds separated from x86-64 before everything will be ready for merging.

Additional InformationWill also send request for openstack-mitaka dependencies:

- cloud7-openstack-common-{candidate,release,testing} - bug 11084
- cloud7-openstack-mitaka-{candidate,release,testing} - bug 11084
- storage7-ceph-hammer-{candidate,release,testing} - bug 11085

but that would be separate bugs.
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kbsingh@karan.org (administrator)

setup an email thread for various people to work through this, and sending this to Thomas in the mean time for his considerations.


hrw (reporter)

Can be solved with altering centos-release-openstack-mitaka package to not require centos-release-qemu-ev metapackage.

What is in virt/kvm-common repo for x86-64 is already in os/ repo for aarch64 (only exception is updated qemu-kvm-ev).


Sandro Bonazzola (reporter)

For the rest of virt sig packages we're adopting a schema like


can you please create a ppc64le hierarchy as well? Do you need a separate bug?


alphacc (developer)

Closing old tickets. Feel free to reopen if needed.

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