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Summary0011123: Unable to rsync build artifacts
DescriptionI am trying to copy some files from my build jobs for vagrant-service-manager -

I am following the instructions here -

However, the rsync command fails with:

    @ERROR: Unknown module 'vagrant-service-manager'

I've tried:

RSYNC_PASSWORD="<pass>" rsync -av build/features_report.html

as well as

RSYNC_PASSWORD="<pass>" rsync -av build/features_report.html

In both cases the "module" was unkown. I am not sure whether the paths are correct yet in the rsync command, but the error seems to more indicate that the "project" does not exist.

So what rsync command do I need to use in order to copy files from my build jobs to

On a side node, can one ssh into artifacts as well order in other ways execute remote commands to remove obsolete artifacts? Or is rsync the only choice?
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2016-07-05 19:53

administrator   ~0027017

I created the atomicapp project on artifacts.

You should use with the first 13 characters (including the dash) of the atomicapp api key

There is only RSYNC access to these targets

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