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Summary0011130: Account request for for Hibernate projects
DescriptionWe would like to be able to build projects that are part of the Hibernate family:

- Hibernate ORM: built with gradle
- Hibernate OGM: built with maven
- Hibernate Validator: built with maven
- Hibernate Search: built with maven

A description of all these projects can be found at
An example of the jobs we have at the moment:

Our projects also run tests on external databases, would it be possible to install some databases on the slave nodes? An example of the datastore we use for testing are Postgres, MariaDB, Neo4j and MongoDB.

Please, let me know if you need more information.

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2016-07-04 12:51

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2016-08-17 09:38

administrator   ~0027282

+1 lets get setup - there are a few things we still need to work through but they can run in parallel to the setup.

Brian, can you get Davide setup for the resources, and maybe do a walk through for how ci.c.o works.

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