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0011468websitewebsitepublic2017-04-20 19:20
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Summary0011468: Request: Host GPG key data on
DescriptionIt would be really nice for tooling/automation if I could grab the current GPG key for each project/SIG from Right now only the fingerprints are listed, not the full keys. Putting a link to$keyname or similar so each key can always be found at a stable URL would make life easier for tool developers.
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2016-09-16 14:13

administrator   ~0027516

I've added the gpg keys to the website, but they're not linked yet. If you know the key's name you can access it directly (e.g. )

I'll try to sort out the best way to add the key links without cluttering up the page, and should have it updated a bit later.


2016-09-16 18:24

reporter   ~0027520

Thanks so much for adding these! Do you know the right name for the SCL SIG key? I've tried a lot of variations on but they are all 404s.


2017-02-25 20:55

reporter   ~0028690

after hours googleing found them here :

could be really great to have those easily available on the website linked


2017-04-20 19:20

administrator   ~0029116

This key has now been added.

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