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0011972CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-01-29 16:39
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Summary0011972: Need to update some RDO Trunk directories when syncing to buildlogs mirrors
DescriptionAfter opening the release cycle for Ocata, we need to change the source for synchronization of the following directories:

centos-ocata/data/repos/current-passed-ci -> rdo-trunk-master-tested
centos-ocata/data/repos/current-tripleo -> rdo-trunk-master-tripleo
centos-ocata/data/repos/consistent -> rdo-trunk-master

Those directories were previously pointing to the same location under the centos-newton directory. Since the content being generated is new, would it be possible to remove the old content and refresh?

Additionally, we need to create the following new repository:

centos-newton/data/repos/current-passed-ci -> rdo-trunk-newton-tested

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2016-10-06 14:53

reporter   ~0027666

> centos-ocata/data/repos/consistent -> rdo-trunk-master

I think we should drop this one and remove it on buildlogs/CDN
it just too much churn.


2016-10-06 15:05

reporter   ~0027667

I've checked it, and we have no redirects to rdo-trunk-master from other repos, so we should be able to drop it. With this, the requirement would be:

- Change:
centos-ocata/data/repos/current-passed-ci -> rdo-trunk-master-tested
centos-ocata/data/repos/current-tripleo -> rdo-trunk-master-tripleo

- New:
centos-newton/data/repos/current-passed-ci -> rdo-trunk-newton-tested

- Drop:
-> rdo-trunk-master


2016-10-06 15:57

reporter   ~0027668

While at it let's review all rdo-* folders under

rdo-trunk-kilo/ DROP (it is EOL)
rdo-trunk-liberty-tested/ KEEP (but will be EOL next month)
rdo-trunk-liberty/ DROP
rdo-trunk-master-tested/ CHANGE as per above
rdo-trunk-master-tripleo/ CHANGE as per above
rdo-trunk-master/ DROP
rdo-trunk-mitaka-tested/ KEEP
rdo-trunk-mitaka/ DROP
rdo-trunk-newton-tested/ NEW as per above

2016-10-07 09:49

administrator   ~0027673

$cmd/centos-newton/data/repos/consistent/* rdo-trunk-master/
    $cmd/centos-newton/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-master-tested/
    $cmd/centos-newton/data/repos/current-tripleo/* rdo-trunk-master-tripleo/
    $cmd/centos-mitaka/data/repos/consistent/* rdo-trunk-mitaka/
    $cmd/centos-mitaka/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-mitaka-tested/
    $cmd/centos-liberty/data/repos/consistent/* rdo-trunk-liberty/
    $cmd/centos-liberty/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-liberty-tested/

are the present mappings as a FYI


2016-10-07 09:51

reporter   ~0027674

Based on that, our proposal for the new mapping is:

    $cmd/centos-newton/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-newton-tested/
    $cmd/centos-mitaka/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-mitaka-tested/
    $cmd/centos-liberty/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-liberty-tested/
    $cmd/centos-ocata/data/repos/current-passed-ci/* rdo-trunk-master-tested/
    $cmd/centos-ocata/data/repos/current-tripleo/* rdo-trunk-master-tripleo/

And anything rdo-trunk-* not on that list would need to be removed, when possible.

2016-10-07 10:03

administrator   ~0027675

@jpena - are we good to action this ? I am happy to remove all other mappings entirely and just use the 5 you mentioned.


2016-10-07 10:06

reporter   ~0027676

Yes please. Let's go ahead and use the 5 proposed mappings.

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