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0012011Buildsyscentpkgpublic2016-10-20 20:09
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Summary0012011: centos-cert doesn't set permissions on generated certificates
DescriptionAfter running 'centos-cert -u lpancescu -n' in Fedora, the generated centos*.cert files have the permission 0664 (Fedora's default umask is 0002), potentially allowing other users on the same system to copy the certificates and impersonate me. Could you please set the permissions explicitly to 0600 when creating the file, similar to what ssh-keygen does?
Steps To Reproduce1. umask # probably 0002 or 0022
2. certos-cert -u <user> -n
2. ls -l .centos*.cert
Additional InformationWorkaround: remove the existing certs, set the umask explicitly to 0077, and run centos-cert again.
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2016-10-20 20:09

administrator   ~0027765

fixed in v0.5.4

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