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0012031CentOS-7filesystempublic2017-04-20 04:34
Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012031: Removing files located in a lowerdir in an overlay fs is erroneous
DescriptionWhen attempting to remove files from the lowerdir, the files are not correctly deleted and are still visible when doing an `ls`.

Steps To Reproducemkdir -p lower upper workdir ~/overlay

echo 'foo' > lower/foo.txt

mount -t overlay -o lowerdir=lower,upperdir=upper,workdir=workdir overlay ~/overlay

rm ~/overlay/foo.txt

ls -lhart

# The `ls -lhart` results in:

ls: cannot access foo.txt: No such file or directory
total 4.0K
??????????? ? ? ? ? ? foo.txt
Additional InformationThis affects Docker when using the overlay storage driver: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/27358
Tagsfile system, kernel
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dscerri (reporter)

This issue is only in effect when the xfs partition is formatted with ftype set to 0


kabe (reporter)

I could reproduce this even in CentOS 7.3 kernel-3.10.0-514.el7,
but the newer kernel issues additional warning:

    overlayfs: upper fs needs to support d_type. This is an invalid configuration.

so I don't think this will be fixed.
Avoid ftype=0 xfs for overlays.

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