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0012033CentOS-7gnupg2public2016-10-14 09:48
ReporterHannes Wenzel 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012033: Dirmngr RPM missing
DescriptionMutt is configured to autosign outgoing messages via S/Mime. With CentOS this fails with a "missing dirmngr" error. There appears to be no dirmngr rpm neither in the CentOS nor 3rd party repos. Apparently it has been removed because it will deprecate with gnupg-2.1.1 (see attached URL). Installed up-to-date packages, however, are


Current work-around is to either use --disable-crl-checks or to install the el6 dirmngr rpm manually.
Steps To ReproduceInstead of installing and configuring mutt, the error can be more easily be found by:

1. yum install gnupg2 gnupg2-smime
2. gpgsm --import < key.p12
3. gpgsm --sign somefile > /dev/null

Where key.p12 is a PKCS12 encoded key pair. gpgsm complains that it cannot check CRL without dirmngr. The option --disable-dirmngr does not alter behavior.
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