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0001210CentOS-4YumExpublic2007-01-22 14:29
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Fixed in Version4.4 
Summary0001210: yumex Tracker for
DescriptionPlease use this entry to report success / failure issues for the yumex version that is currently being tested in
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2006-02-12 12:39

administrator   ~0003181

The group features of yumex-0.99.6-2.0.c4 are not working with yum-2.4.0.

There are no groups listed at all.


2006-02-12 14:34

updater   ~0003182

I know :-)

I have disabled the group view, because it need some work to work with both yum 2.4 & 2.5. It will be enabled soon.

Nice bug tracker by the way.


2006-02-13 23:53

administrator   ~0003190

This version of yumex does work with the protectbase plugin.

It does not log to the yum log.


2006-02-13 23:57

administrator   ~0003191

When adding items are added to the queue, there is no way to tell that they are there from the install, remove or update windows. It would be nice if queued items were denoted in the other windows, so you don't accidentially tag them again for action.


2006-02-14 14:43

updater   ~0003192

Groups and Logging is fixed in yumex-0.99.7


2006-02-15 12:26

administrator   ~0003193

Last edited: 2006-02-15 12:37

released yumex-0.99.9-1.0.c4 to

This version has fixes for:

1. Yumex now shows up in the Alt-Tab window when switching applications
2. Older packages than are currently installed not shown in the install
window, since yumex won't install an older package.
3. Fixed gui element glade translations so that non-English language is
displayed on buttons.

Plugins work ... this was fixed in a previous version (added for tracking purposes).



2007-01-22 14:29

administrator   ~0004373

Yumex has been moved to Extras, this tracker is no longer needed.

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