2018-01-23 14:08 UTC

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0012102Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-08-09 12:59
Summary0012102: Enable CentOS Extras repo in CBS buildroots
DescriptionCentOS Extras repo is enabled by default in CentOS installation, hence we should be building against it in CBS.
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alphacc (developer)

Are we modifying mitaka newton liberty ?

And we need to decide about priority because in koji you need different priority for each repo.


apevec (reporter)

liberty is EOL effectively (I'm about to create a ticket for moving it to vault.c.o)

We need to modify openstack-common|mitaka|newton|ocata buildroots
Re. priority, what is the current priority list?


alphacc (developer)

done long time ago.

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