2017-12-11 14:58 UTC

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0012174BuildsysCi.centos.org Ecosystem Testingpublic2017-02-03 14:10
Summary0012174: Test machines are unable to git-clone from https://review.gluster.org
DescriptionIt seems that since the 12th of October our libgfapi-python test does not function anymore. The error is related to the git-clone done on the reserved test machine (though duffy/cico):

  02:52:34 Cloning into 'libgfapi-python'...
  02:57:34 fatal: unable to access 'https://review.gluster.org/libgfapi-python/': Operation timed out after 300008 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received
  02:57:34 Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

  ( from https://ci.centos.org/job/gluster_libgfapi-python/248/console )
Steps To ReproduceThis command works fine from any other system (although I did not test it manually on a duffy node):

  $ git clone https://review.gluster.org/libgfapi-python/
Additional InformationOur nightly RPM builds are built from the mirrored repository on github. Should we consider using the mirrored repository for libgfapi-python too, or maybe clone over a different (git, ssh) protocol?
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bstinson (developer)

We are currently clamping the MSS on gw-ci.centos.org to fix MTU mismatch issues between different pods in the RDU datacenter.

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