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0001232CentOS-4Otherpublic2007-06-18 08:17
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version4.2 - i386 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001232: Installation impossible
DescriptionCentOS 4.2 can't be installed!
Additional InformationCPU Intel P III
128 MB RAM
8 GB Drive
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2006-02-24 16:21


anacdump.txt (616,449 bytes)


2006-02-24 16:32

administrator   ~0003210

looks like you are installing a machine with < 256mb RAM ... so you have to have at least 256mb swap.

You really need 256mb RAM to run gui.

2006-02-25 23:25

administrator   ~0003211

try doing a text install, and select manual partitioning.


2006-02-27 12:06

reporter   ~0003219


seems to be the memory - I tried the installation in text mode (on P III 350 Mhz, 128 RAM) and also with another machine (PIII 450 Mhz, 196 MB RAM), but still crashes (one time at 18% of the installation, another time at 75% !?).

On a P II 300 Mhz, 255 MB RAM and it worked fine! So must be the memory I guess, but strange that a text install doesn't work with 196 MB RAM...




2007-06-17 23:02

reporter   ~0005407

The problem with this bug track is not with the amount of ram used, but the amount of packages installed. From the dump there are standing out several "large packages" that are to be installed. I would not dare to calculate the final size of the installation but I would guess its around 8GB.

There isn't enough ram to run it in graphical installation, but with KickStart I have done text installations of "@base" on all sorts of comps and the minimum ram used is 64MB. Minimum SingeServer CD install should suffice in text mode - other packages could be installed afterwards...

The other explanation is bad ram, but as this bug is over a year old I don't think this PC even exists any more...


2007-06-18 08:17

administrator   ~0005420

Feddback Timeout. Carrier lost

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