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0012425CentOS-7grubbypublic2017-03-08 21:31
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Summary0012425: Debug kernel is set as default on upgrade to CentOS 7.3 (build 1611) even when debug kernel is not present.
DescriptionWhen upgrading to the new kernel and everything in 7.3 the default saved setting gets set to a debug kernel:

grub2-editenv list
saved_entry=CentOS Linux (3.10.0-514.2.2.el7.x86_64) 7 (Core) with debugging

Even though kernel-debug is not installed:

rpm -q kernel-debug
package kernel-debug is not installed

This has happened on most but not all systems when upgrading, i will try to see what the differences are but in the mean time please let me know what specific info would be relevant for me to get.
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2016-12-18 19:10

manager   ~0028180

What is the GRUB_DEFAULT setting in /etc/default/grub ?

Have you ever installed kernel-debug at some point (and since removed) ?


2017-01-20 13:02

reporter   ~0028429

/usr/sbin/new-kernel-pkg (part of grubby) has previously added the menuentry with debug before the menuentry in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.

This is changed in the latest upcate of grubby.

In new-kernel-pkg the line rungrubby --debug ${ARGS} is changed to rungrubby --debug ${ARGS} --set-index=1 in order to put the normal kernel first.

The reason for the problem not occuring on every system can be found in /etc/sysconfig/kernel which is used by new-kernel-pkg.
Systems with the following in that file are those experiencing this problem.

# MAKEDEBUG specifies if new-kernel-pkg should create non-default
# "debug" entries for new kernels.

Changing this to MAKEDEBUG=no before upgrading causes new-kernel-pkg to not put any menuentry with debug i grub.cfg.

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