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0000125administrationmail exploderpublic2003-12-18 21:23
Reporterherrold Assigned To 
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Product Versionunspecified 
Summary0000125: centos-qa@ identity needed
DescriptionPlease add a, and a mail exploder.

As before please add at least -- feel free to pass around,
and to ask other centos folk -- Lance, KainX -- if they also wish to be added.
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2003-12-18 01:35

reporter   ~0000468

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Initially I would propose that mail for is handled using the same
aliases file as so exploders and aliases will all work

So I will add centos-qa as an alias, and add as a locally handled
domain on the mail server ...

Does that make sense ??


2003-12-18 04:37

reporter   ~0000469

Last edited: 1970-01-01 00:00

fine by me -- MTA looks like Postfix, and that would work.


2003-12-18 16:23

reporter   ~0000470

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tested - works

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