2017-12-12 10:04 UTC

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0012679Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-04-03 21:08
Summary0012679: Please sign+push storage7-gluster-39-release and storage6-gluster-39-release to the mirror
DescriptionI'd like to mark gluster 3.9 as released and send the announcement. It seems the tags are not in the "sign list" yet. Please make sure to sign+push the packages that get tagged with

 - storage7-gluster-39-release
 - storage6-gluster-39-release

I expect to see the repository at http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/storage/x86_64/gluster-3.9 (for CentOS 7, obviously).
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bstinson (developer)



ndevos (reporter)

Thanks! All is in place and announcements have been sent. You can now close this one.


bstinson (developer)


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