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Summary0012799: NetworkManager public CI

I'm a QA in NetworkManager project team. We would like to use the CI provided by CentOS if possible for running upstream tests.

Project Github is
Project mailing list is

We plan to execute nightly jobs for every stable branch of NM. Now 1.2 (weekly only), 1.4, 1.6, and for master. Verification for github pull requests will be needed too to verify tests are stable across master and older branches.

We have to build rpms, install and execute ~4h test suite. Ideal situation is to have 5 machines available for nightly testing. These can be used for test cases reviews too.
We have everything build in Red Hat's internal jenkins/beaker env but we need to go out to the wild to get some more feedback and collaboration and of course to perform testing using other distributions. The nice thing is that NM is easily compilable on RHEL/CentOS/Fedora.

Not sure if we need to state anything else here.

Attached is a public SSH key as described in

Thank you,
Vladimir Benes
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Any update? Thanks!


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