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0012808CentOS-7gnome-shellpublic2017-02-14 12:51
Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012808: Gnome-Shell freezes after 50 days running
DescriptionHi all,

we are in the process of moving to CentOS as the base platform for our products. After an uptime of around 50 days we noticed on many of these systems that the user interface freezes and is not usable any more. On most systems one can still click on the taskbar but the shell wont switch to the selected application. Sometimes one can still use (parts of) the applications, sometimes they won't react to any input at all. Often it is still possible to open the app menu and start new programs.

Most of the time it is possible to restart the gnome-shell with alt+F2 => r, then everything works again (probably for the next 50 days). But sometimes this won't open the command menu and then everything is frozen.

These systems were all installed with a custom kickstart installation but i could reproduce this bug with a standard installation.

I don't know if that bug appears on 7.3 but i expect it and i will start a test and check it.
Steps To ReproduceMake a standard installation of 7.2.1511 (all settings on default).
Open a terminal ( make a loop that prints the time every minute ) (don't know how important that step is)
wait 50 days

Note: In my test that system was without network connection all the time.
Additional Informationa 32bit unsigned int timestamp (max 4294967295) with a millisecond precision overruns after 49.71 days.
I have taken a look at the gnome-shell source code and i found some timestamps that could lead to these problems but i wasn't able to find out, where the problem exactly is.
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Marcus Sundberg (reporter)

Interesting - I also noted that gnome-shell in CentOS 7 became painfully slow after running for several weeks. The problem was there in point released before 7.2.1511 as well but IIRC 7.2.1511 was the last time I tested it - I simply switched to Mate from EPEL instead.

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