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0012883Cloud Instance SIGgeneralpublic2019-01-25 09:21
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PlatformAWSOSCentOSOS Version7
Summary0012883: AWS CentOS 7 does not support i3 instance types
DescriptionAWS announced released i3's yesterday. The Centos 7 AMI has not been updated yet and can't be used with an i3 instance type.

Steps To ReproduceTry to launch Centos 7 AMI with any i3 instance type on AWS




2017-03-01 09:45

reporter   ~0028722

It's not just i3 but also x1

Same applies to centos 6. Please update both centos 6 and centos 7


2017-03-01 22:26

reporter   ~0028731

This also appears to affect the m4.16xlarge instance type.


2017-03-06 21:18

reporter   ~0028777

I think this is fixed now, as I just managed to provision an i3.2xlarge in us-west-1 using AMI ID: ami-af4333cf

For updated AMI IDs for your regions, Search the AWS Marketplace for "CentOS 7" to find the official image, then hit the "Continue" button (not including link to avoid link rot). After you click the "Continue" button, you'll be able to click "Manual Launch" and see the list of AMI IDs for each region.


2017-03-06 21:20

reporter   ~0028778

Asia Pacific (Mumbai) ami-95cda6fa
EU (London) ami-bb373ddf
EU (Ireland) ami-7abd0209
Asia Pacific (Seoul) ami-c74789a9
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ami-eec1c380
South America (Sao Paulo) ami-26b93b4a
Canada (Central) ami-af62d0cb
Asia Pacific (Singapore) ami-f068a193
Asia Pacific (Sydney) ami-fedafc9d
EU (Frankfurt) ami-9bf712f4
US East (N. Virginia) ami-6d1c2007
US East (Ohio) ami-6a2d760f
US West (N. California) ami-af4333cf
US West (Oregon) ami-d2c924b2

For convenience, current at time of writing AMI IDs are above. Apologies that it likely won't format correctly.

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