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0012903Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-08-09 13:04
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Summary0012903: Need more cbs tags for SIG-PaaS
We need some more tags setup in for the SIG-PaaS effort.


the targets would inherit their acl's from the sig-pass group in

These targets would not inherit packages from each other, or from paas7-openshift-common.

If you have any questions, please let me know

Troy Dawson
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2017-02-28 17:15

developer   ~0028708

Hi Troy,

>These targets would not inherit packages from each other, or from paas7-openshift-common.

This would be a problem as it is in the base creation script and not an option at this time, may I ask why you do not want to inherit from paas7-openshift-common ?



2017-02-28 17:45

reporter   ~0028710

We do not want to pull from common because each of these tags might have different build and release dependencies. Some need to be built with golang 1.7, some with golang 1.6, and some (eventually) with golang-1.8.
The same with the released packages.

But, if it needs to inherit common, then that is fine. I guess there are more supporting packages in common (python packages) than there are major packages (golang).

I will adjust the tags of those major packages to get things the way they need to be.

2017-03-06 12:47

administrator   ~0028769

On the automation/cbs content side - it might be ok to leave common included, Troy can just chose not to build anything to that tag. That would make things easier and keep them consistent on the SIG side, and Troy has the option, should be want it later on, to build common content.

Would that work ?


2017-03-06 13:07

developer   ~0028770

I think the issue exists because they already have some builds in there :


2017-03-06 13:58

reporter   ~0028771

Although I do have some builds in there

A) Majority of those are "common", all those python rpms are not release dependent, and some of the others, like kompose, are also not release dependent.

B) The items that are not "common" (openshift-ansible, golang, etc...) I will untag from common, and re-tag into the appropriate versions. But I need the appropriate versions to get them moving.

So, for now, please just disregard my saying they do not inherit from paas7-openshift-common. Go ahead and let them inherit from there, and I will do various tag shuffling.


2017-03-06 14:04

developer   ~0028772

One more thing the format is :


where common is the default.

But we didn't plan to have subrelease ; should we use origin13 as a project ?



2017-03-06 14:12

reporter   ~0028773

I'm ok with origin13 origin14 ...etc.
Whatever fits, but is easy to determine what release it is.


2017-03-06 15:53

developer   ~0028774


All targets are ready to use :

$ koji list-targets | grep origin
paas7-openshift-origin-el7 paas7-openshift-origin-el7-build paas7-openshift-origin-candidate
paas7-openshift-origin13-el7 paas7-openshift-origin13-el7-build paas7-openshift-origin13-candidate
paas7-openshift-origin14-el7 paas7-openshift-origin14-el7-build paas7-openshift-origin14-candidate
paas7-openshift-origin15-el7 paas7-openshift-origin15-el7-build paas7-openshift-origin15-candidate
paas7-openshift-origin36-el7 paas7-openshift-origin36-el7-build paas7-openshift-origin36-candidate

Let me know if there is some cleanup to do.


2017-03-06 17:09

reporter   ~0028775

I have tested tagging packages into candidate and testing for 13 and 14. They tag in ok and show up in cbs repos

I don't see them yet in buildlogs testing repo yet, but sometimes that takes a little while.

I'll try a 1.5 build later today.

But so far, everything is looking good.


2017-03-15 16:58

reporter   ~0028869

I'm still not seeing any packages in the testing area.

I only see them in the cbs testing area

Does that need to be a different ticket?


2017-08-09 13:04

developer   ~0029835

Closing old tickets. Feel free to reopen if needed.

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