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0012910Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-03-07 08:07
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Summary0012910: [CloudSIG] CBS tags hierarchy for OpenStack Pike
DescriptionFollowing up on tag hierarchy for OpenStack Ocata created in https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=11458
we now need to prepare tags for OpenStack Pike early, so we can start adding Pike specific dependencies.

Build target: cloud7-openstack-pike-el7
Buildroot: cloud7-openstack-pike-el7-build
Buildroot inheritance:

Destination tag: cloud7-openstack-pike-candidate

Publishing tags:
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alphacc (developer)

No new pkgs buildroot addition ?

ppc64le and aarch64 ?


apevec (reporter)

No new pkgs for "build" group, for now.

No for ppc64le/aarch64, OpenStack should be all noarch, arch-specific builds are deps (like nodejs,mariadb etc.) done in openstack-common target then cross-tagged to the openstack-RELEASE tags if needed.


apevec (reporter)

> No new pkgs for "build" group, for now.

Sorry, there is one change: please replace rdo-rpm-macros with openstack-macros


apevec (reporter)

> please replace rdo-rpm-macros with openstack-macros

nm, this was already done, I was looking at the old root.log :)

We still might want to cleanup "build" group, currently we have both
openstack-macros and rdo-rpm-macros, please drop rdo-rpm-macros.
Also comparing to epel7, our build group is missing xz package, but not sure why was that added in epel7-build. There is also util-linux-ng which is just a virtual provide in util-linux.

"srpm-build" is not currently used in CBS Koji but it could also be cleaned up:
* drop buildsys-macros - it has never been built in CBS: http://cbs.centos.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=1
* replace cvs with git
* drop rdo-rpm-macros curl shadow-utils tar


hguemar (reporter)

Ack for the tags hierarchy.
Ack for the buildroot changes.


alphacc (developer)


it's now done.


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