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0012980CentOS-7dracutpublic2017-03-28 04:40
PlatformAllOSCentOS and Fedora at leastOS Version"systemd" based
Product Version7.3.1611 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012980: dracut module i18n is unable to pars rd.vconsole.* cmdline parameters on systemd based distro
Descriptiondracut module i18n will not parse rd.vconsole.* cmdline parameters on systemd based distro

/lib/dracut/modules.d/10i18n/module-setup.sh line 101 will not add the cmdline hook that is responsible for parsing the rd.vconsole parameters.

Thus, there is no way to boot with a french keyboard for example (rd.vconsole.keymap=fr
No way to change font as well: rd.vconsol.font=t)

The line:
            inst_hook cmdline 20 "${moddir}/parse-i18n.sh"
Should be moved after the "fi" statement.
Steps To Reproducedracut <blah> <blah <blah> --no-hostonly-i18n -add i18n /tmp/initrd.img $(uname -r)
lsinitrd /tmp/initrd.img |grep parse-i18n.sh
=> no output
booting the image with cmdline parameters rd.vconsole.* will ignore them.
Additional InformationI'm unable to find the uptream dracut bug tracking system, so I reported for the OS I use.
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kabe (reporter)

This is a feature.
(You can say it is a redundant documentation error in dracut.cmdline(7))

For systemd-based systems, systemd-vconsole-setup(8) will set the
console keyboard and font.
Use "vconsole.keymap" kernel option:


If this doesn't work, please file a new bugreport.

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