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0012983CentOS-7keepalivedpublic2017-03-17 15:07 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.3.1611 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012983: update at least to 1.2.24 version (new release branch is 1.3.4)
DescriptionI think keepalived release 1.2.24 mey be retained "stable".
Why don't package it?
Additional InformationRelease notes 1.2.24

* Declare and use default value for garp_refresh.
* Update documentation for default setting of snmp_server.
* Ensure old VIPs removed after reload.
* Add internet network control support for IPv6.
* Log startup and "already running" messages to console with --log-console.
* Remove VIPs on reload if no longer in configuration.
* Add internet network control support for IPv6.
* Add more lvs syncd options, and various minor fixes.
* Don't attempt to set packet priority for wrong IP protocol.
  if_setsockopt_priority() was setting SO_PRIORITY socket option regardless
  of whether the socket was IPv4 or IPv6. Although the setsockopt() call doesn't
  fail for IPv6, it doesn't do anything.
  Commit fc7ea83 added setting IPV6_TCLASS, again for both IPv4 and IPv6, but
  the setsockopt() call fails on an IPv4 socket.
  This commit makes keepalived only set the appropriate socket option, depending
  on whether it is an IPv4 or IPv6 socket.
  The commit also changes from using the SO_PRIORITY option for IPv4 to using the
  more specific IP_TOS option.
* Avoid compiler warning of duplicate definition.
* Add function attributes to malloc functions.
* KEEPALIVED-MIB vrrpRuleIndex should be unsigned.
* Allow all ip rule/route options for rules and routes.
  This commit adds support for all ip rule/route supported options for
  rules and routes (and also tunnel-id rule option not yet supported
  by ip rule).
* Make ip rules/routes a configuration option.
* Add all ip rules/routes options, and minor fixes.
* Corrections for rule suppress_ifgroup.
* Stop respawning children repeatedly after permanent error.
  Keepalived was respawning very rapidly after a permanent error, which
  was not useful.
  This commit allows the detection of certain errors and if one occurs
  keepalived won't respawn the child processes, but will terminate with
  an error message.
* Remove all remaining vestiges of Linux 2.4 (and earlier) support.
  There was code remaining for supporting ip_vs for Linux 2.4, but
  the remainder of the keepalived code requires Linux >= 2.6.
* Make some libipvs functions static.
* Move ipvs source and include files into check/include directories.
* Don't duplicate kernel definitions for IPVS code.
* Remove unused code from libipvs.c.
* Remove ip_vs_nl_policy.c, contents now in libipvs.c.
* Add ipvs 64 bit stats.
* Remove linux 2.4 code, add 64bit ipvs snmp stats, and some minor fixes.
* Fix compiling without SNMP checker support.
  The patchset removing support for Linux 2.4 introduced a problem
  compiling libipvs.c when SNMP checker support wasn't enabled.
* Remove those annoying "unknown keyword" messages.
  A slight reworking of the parsing code manages to get rid of those
  annoying "unknown keyword" messages which we all know are't true.
* Remove IP_VS_TEMPLATE_TIMEOUT. It was removed from ipvsadm in
  version 1.0.4.
* Remove check for MSG_TRUNC being defined.
  It has been defined since glibc 2.2.
* Remove conditionals based on libc5. libc5 predated glibc 2.0.
* Remove conditional compilation checks for defines in Linux 2.6.
  are all defined in Linux 2.6, so no longer need to be wrapped in
  conditional compilation checks.
* Sort out checks for O_CLOEXEC.
* Remove check for SA_RESTART. It existed pre Linux 2.6.
* Change reporting of default snmp socket.
* More updates for removing pre-Linux 2.6 code, and stop "unknown keyword"
* Fix adding iptables entries on Linux 4.6.3 onwards.
  ip[46]tables_add_rules() were allocating space for an additional
  struct xt_entry_match. kernel commit 13631bfc6041 added validation
  that all offsets and sizes are sane, and the extra
  struct entry_match failed that test.
* Fix adding iptables entries on Linux 4.6.3 onwards.
* Fix size parameter for keepalived_malloc/realloc.
  lib/memory.h specified the size parameter to keepalived_malloc/realloc
  as size_t, whereas lib/memory.c specified unsigned long.
  The inconsistency was complained about by the compiler on 32-bit systems.
  Fix memory.c to make the parameter a size_t.
  Change lib/memory.c and lib/memory.h to use type size_t for size
  Use printf format specified %zu for size parameters.
* Fix building without LVS or without VRRP.
* Convert build system to automake.
  The INSTALL file gives instructions for setting up the build system
  using automake etc.
  For those without automake (and autoconf), just running configure
  works as before.
* Convert build system to automake.
* Add network namespace support.
  This allows multiple instances of keepalived to be run on a single
  system. The instances can communicate with each other as though they
  are running in separate systems, but they are also isolated from
  each other for all other purposes.
  See keepalived/core/namespaces.c for some example configurations and
  use cases.
* Use atexit() for reporting malloc/free checks on termination.
* Add + and git commit in -v output if uncommited changes.
* Add network namespace support.
* Remove some superfluous conditional compilation tests.
* Poll for reflection netlink messages after adding each interface.
  If a large number of interfaces are added, the kernel reflection
  netlink socket can run out of buffers. This commit adds a poll of
  the kernel netlink reflection channel after adding each interface,
  thereby ensuring that a large queue of messages isn't built up.
* Stop Netlink: Received message overrun (No buffer space available) messages.
* Fix debug build since automake conversion.
* Fix configuration testing for ipset support prior to Linux 3.4.
* Add polling of netlink messages when entering master state.
  If a large number of vrrp instances enter master state simultaneously
  the netlink socket can run out of buffers, since the netlink socket
  isn't read sufficiently frequently. Adding a poll of the netlink socket
  after the VIPs/eVIPs are added ensures that the netlink messages are read
  when the become available.
* Add some missing '\n's when printing the vrrp configuration.
* Fix generating git-commit.h.
* Ensure xmit_base not set with strict mode.
* Fix detection of code changes not commited to git in git-commit.h.
* Change true/false variables in global_data to bools.
* Fix timer_cmp handling large differences between the two times.
  In a struct timeval, tv_sec is a time_t which is a long. Assigning
  a.tv_sec - b.tv_sec to an int caused it to overflow if the time
  differences were large.
* Add a TIMER_NEVER value.
  This allows a thread to specify that it never wants to be woken on a
  timed basis.
* Add global default_interface keyword.
  default_interfaces sets the default interface to use for static
  ipaddresses. If the system does not have an eth0, or one wants to
  use a different interface for several static ipaddresses, this makes
  the configuration simpler. It also has the potential to reduces
  changes required if transferring the configuration to another system.
* Fix skew time for VRRPv3 with low priority and long advert interval.
  With a low priority and a long advert interval, the calculation of the
  skew time was overflowing a uint32_t. For example, with a priority of
  1 and an advertisment interval of 10 seconds, the skew time was being
  calculated as 4288 seconds, rather than 9.96 seconds. This had the
  impact that the backup instance would take over an hour to transition
  to master.
* Don't set master_adver_int from an invalid packet.
* Make timeout_persistence a uint32 rather than a string.
* Fix some configuration tests and compiling on old Linux version.
* Improve persistence handling.
  Properly support persistence_granularity for IPv6.
  Set persistence_timeout default if granularity specified.
  Only support persistence engine if supported by the kernel.
  This commit also changes variables timeout_persistence and
  granularity_persistence to persistence_timeout and
* Simplify a bit of indentation.
* Add (commented out) code for writing stack backtrace to a file.
* Free syslog_ident string after logging the free.
  When writing mem check entries to the log, the syslog_ident needs to be
  freed after the log has been written to.
* Allow FREE_PTR mem check to log the proper function.
  Having FREE_PTR as a function meant that whenever any memory was freed by
  FREE_PTR() the function that was logged as freeing it was FREE_PTR itself.
  Changing FREE_PTR() to be a #define means that the calling function name
  is logged.
* Fix a conditional compilation test re namespaces and rename a variable.
* Fix when some FREE() calls are made.
* Only parse net_namespace in parent process.
* Add VRRP/LVS conditional compilation around PID files.
* Improve removing zombie PID files.
* Add more VRRP/LVS conditional compilation.
* Don't check if instance is a rotuer every time an NA is sent.
  keepalived was calling sysctl to check if the interface was configured as
  router before sending each gratuitous Neighbour Discovery advertisement. This
  patch now checks if the interface is routing when the instance transitions to
  master, and uses that for all the NA messages.
* Improve mem check initialisation.
* Add support for running multiple instances of keepalived.
  Using network namespaces allows multiple instances of keepalived to run
  concurrently, in different namespaces, without any collision of the pid
  This patch adds the concept of a keepalived instance name, which is then
  use in the pidfile name, so that multiple instances of keepalived can run
  in the same namespace without pid file name collisions.
* Add option to write pid files to /var/run/keepalived.
  When using namespaces or instances, pid files are written to /var/run/keepalived.
  The commit adds an option for the standard pid files to use that directory.
* Add keywords instance and use_pid_dir, plus sundry fixes/improvements.
* Add configure option to enable stacktrace support.
* Fix adding and deleting iptables rules for addresses.
  When keepalived was built not using ipsets, the adding and deleting
  of rules for addresses was including an extra xt_entry_match struct
  that meant that the rules could only be deleted by ithe iptables
  command by entry number and not be specifying the parameters.
* Fix compiling without libiptc (iptables) support.
* Don't log error message when trying to remove leftover iptables config.
  At startup keepalived attempts to remove any iptables configuration that
  may have been left over from a previous run. Of course the entries won't
  normally be there, so don't report an error if they are not found.
* Fix iptables entries for accept mode, other iptables fixes, and make
  write_stacktrace a configure option.
* Add script to setup interfaces in a network namespace.
  The scripts mirrors the running network interfaces that are needed
  for a given keepalived configuration into a network namespace
  (default test), so that keepalived can be run in that namespace in
  order to test the configuration.
* Correct comments re location of network namespace pid files.
* Add -s option for overriding net_namespace configuration option.
* Change test/ -c option to -f to match keepalived.
* Make report interfaces that don't exist.
* Remove leftover debug message.
* Fix address comparison for equal priority adverts.
* Streamline the specification of libraries to the linker.
  Most of the dynamic libraries and static libraries were being specified
  twice. This commit removes the duplication of all of the dynamic libraries
  and only duplicates core/libcore.a of the static libraries.
Tagscentos 7


2017-03-17 14:09

reporter   ~0028882

Keepalived v1.2.13 (11/05,2016) doesn't work correctly; not always switch IP when network down, or update state of nodes.
I'm sure v.1.3.4 works correctly on same platform (Centos 7), because I've tried it with identical config files and hosts.
So it's a bug of this release.

2017-03-17 15:07

reporter   ~0028883

At same time I have to say I was not able to compile 1.2.24 on Centos 7 platform (but I've correctly compiled 1.3.4 ), so I was requesting help...

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