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Summary0013046: CI for the Le App Project
DescriptionLe App project aims to bring your traditional systems to the cloud by seamlessly migrating from virtual machine or bare metal systems to containers.

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podvody (reporter)

Purpose of the CI:

We're going to run integration tests for our `leapp-tool`, which requires the following ingredients:

- Vagrant
- Libvirt
- Ansible
- Python 3

The integration test suite creates two VMs using Vagrant and provisions them using Ansible, the `leapp-tool` then migrates VM1 into a container running inside VM2. For that we will need either bare metal machine, or a nested-virt enabled system.


kbsingh@karan.org (administrator)

This would just be the regular project/account in ci.centos.org - you will get bare metal nodes on demand, that you can install and run vagrant in ( from scl's ).

What is the state of python3 on EL7 ?


podvody (reporter)

@KB No Python3 in EPEL for EL7, only viable option is SCL I think. (There's some Python3 builds in Brew for the candidates repo though)


bstinson (developer)


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