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Summary0013264: Azure image doesn't boot on Azure
DescriptionThe image in the archive doesn't successfully boot on the Azure Compute Platform
Steps To Reproduce1) Unpack the .raw in the.tar.gz
2) Convert it into a fixed-format VirtualPC v.1 image ('qemu-img convert -O vpc -o subformat=fixed,force_size' can help)
3) Upload the .vhd into Azure
4) (optional) set up an Azure managed-disk image (az-cli v2.0: 'az image create ...')
5) Start an unmanaged VM, or a managed-disk VM from step 4

- starting the VM from the .vhd or the image succeeds and communicates successful guest userland start to the Azure Fabric

- VM start hangs until the fabric times out
Additional InformationSo the -1704 image has the WALinuxAgent RPM installed, however the RPM doesn't seem to run 'systemctl enable waagent.service' (or equivalent 'ln -s -f /usr/lib/systemd/system/waagent.service /etc/systemd/system/')
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2017-05-18 20:33

reporter   ~0029299

To clarify: the image does seem to make it to:
- load grub
- load kernel and initrd
- start the kernel
- run initrd
- start the real userland
- start sshd

What doesn't happen is proper signalling to the Azure Fabric that the guest is booted, which causes Azure to believe that the VM provisioning failed.

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