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0013268CentOS-7xorg-x11-driverspublic2017-05-17 12:00
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Product Version7.3.1611 
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Summary0013268: Switching to screen sizes higher than the one used wile installing crashes X11
DescriptionInstall CentOS 7 (or OracleLinux 7, RHEL7) on any PC with Intel or VMware graphics. While installing screen size 1024x768 is not changeable. After install quits, reboot.

Login for the first time, using 1280x768 screen size, then select from System-Menu "Display" and change screen size to what your monitor is build for (my monitor allows for 1920x1200). After clicking "OK" the screen will go blank and stay there. It is impossible to access anything. After some time all keyboard LED may start blinking, indicating a system crash.

If your system was configured for 1280x768, you may switch to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768 but not to any screen size exceeding X or Y.
Exceeding leads to crashes immediately:
- 1152x864 -> crash, but screen does not go blank
- 1024x960 -> crash, but screen does not go blank
- 1280x1024 -> crash, screen goes blank
- 1280x1200 -> crash, screen goes blank

In some cases only X11 crashes. You may remotely reboot the system. In some cases the whole system crashes.
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2017-05-17 12:00


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