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Summary0013353: Account to manage

My name is Hector Fernandez. I belong to the devtools - platform team, we need to get an admin account to be able to enable/disable jobs in jenkins. Moreover, I could see that the jenkins slaves are getting slow and jobs are hanging or taking longer. So I will like to be able to dig into this problem.
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2017-06-01 10:13

reporter   ~0029381

I made a mistake in the category, I want an account for the CI Testing ecosystem (414 bytes)


2017-06-02 11:19

administrator   ~0029393

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We can discuss that with bstinson, but we don't allow external people to get admin access in Jenkins (as also decided by KB)
For the job definitions, it also should happen through JJB (and Brian can comment or give explanations)



2017-06-05 20:50

administrator   ~0029405

Hi Hector,

Under what circumstances would you need to disable jobs? It's probably best to work this through pull requests on the JJB templates (for tracking purposes).



2017-06-06 14:44

reporter   ~0029410

Hi Brian,

Maybe a simple user account might work, not necessarily admin. But we were having many problems the previous week, and we couldn't do anything to solve them, or at least to dig deeper to know what was going on.

We experienced problems with the github hooks and problems related to jobs not being triggered by jenkins(probably due to slow slaves).

Also there was a situation where one developer had a job hanging forever and nobody was able to kill it or stop it inside jenkins. In order to speed up, it could be good if we can also do this kind of minor operations to speed up or to solve these problems.


2017-06-12 09:49

reporter   ~0029445

Hi there,

Please, could someone tell me if I'll get a simple user account like Pete has ?

Thanks in advance.

2017-06-12 16:13

administrator   ~0029450

+1 from me, we can get hector on there - ideally we want to keep the list of people with direct accounts low. we want to ensure that the entire job tracks have an audit log so we can go back if needed and evaluate.

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