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0013374Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2018-02-21 14:58
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Summary0013374: please remove outdated builds
DescriptionHello, the following builds were distributed by the opstools sig

I've untagged them already. The first three builds were sent to

all of the builds were mirrored to

Could you please remove those files?
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2017-06-09 19:50

administrator   ~0029430

We try not to remove files if they've been released to the mirrors. Are you reverting to older versions of these packages?


2017-06-12 06:32

reporter   ~0029442

I get you.

optsools deprecated server side binaries a while ago. Still providing those builds gives the hint of having them supported.

If you're installing opstools via opstools-ansible playbooks, repositories from upstream will be enabled anyways.


2017-06-26 17:07

reporter   ~0029562

Any update on this? It would be nice if we could simply remove the packages. We didn't announce them publicly at all. Chances are pretty low, that someone uses them.


2017-06-27 12:24

administrator   ~0029565

*2.6.0-2.el7* (grafana) and *4.5.4-2.el7* (kibana) do not seem to have made it to release, but I created a removed directory for the things that did make it to the released repos here:

We can't just disappear those unless there is a legal reason to do so.

So, will be cleaned up of the RPMs in a few minutes and there is no repodata in removed/ so if people want those they will have to go looking for them.

Now on to buildlogs (where I don't care and will just delete the RPMs .. that is not an official release).


2017-06-27 13:20

administrator   ~0029568

OK .. both buildlogs and should be cleaned up and the metadata should work on both places. Please double check that everything is now working as expected .. well, with this repomd.xml file on

Jun 27 13:12 repomd.xml : 2636104a89a84ccf4c4e8c46a322ac73d62c759349a6a418d5a1be9a5dd36ad0 (sha256sum)

and this one on buildlogs:
Jun 27 13:09 repomd.xml : d80d4b34846c78934464b1a0aca9734f109aa25bedc86af2f3662ed74efb4223 (sha256sum)

Those should both be live on their respective locations in 30 or so minutes (on the master mirror now)

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