2018-02-20 05:44 UTC

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0013551Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-07-19 12:33
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0013551: Create CBS tags/targets for several rh-namespaced SCLs
DescriptionPlease, create tags/targets/buildroots for the following new collections:

Use the '-rh' namespace for all.

Create both, el6 and el7 tags for these SCLs:

 collection name | inheritance to (list of SCL dependencies)
 devtoolset-7 | rh-maven35 rh-maven33 maven30 rh-java-common llvm-toolset-7 go-toolset-7 rust-toolset-7
 rh-postgresql96 | <none>
 rh-mariadb102 | devtoolset-7
 rh-mongodb34 | rh-maven35 rh-maven33 rh-java-common python27 rh-python36 devtoolset-6 devtoolset-7
 rh-python36 | httpd24

Create el7 tags only for these SCLs:

 collection name | inheritance to (list of SCL dependencies)
 rh-nginx112 | rh-perl524 httpd24
 rh-nodejs8 | devtoolset-7
 rh-maven35 | rh-maven33 maven30 rh-java-common
 llvm-toolset-7 | devtoolset-7
 go-toolset-7 | <none>
 rust-toolset-7 | llvm-toolset-7 devtoolset-7

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alphacc (developer)

Everything is done.

I just removed none existing el6 dependencies from el6 collections.

Details :

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