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0013575CentOS-6autofspublic2017-11-02 15:20
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Product Version6.9 
Summary0013575: autofs breaks stunnel mounted NFSv4 shares
DescriptionThe autofs package that was released with CentOS 6.8 (autofs-5.0.5-122) worked properly over an stunnel connection.

The release shipped with CentOS 6.9 (5.0.5-132) prevents any connection from happening to the local stunnel process and breaks mounts to remote systems over stunnel connections.
Steps To Reproduce1) Set up a server/client stunnel connection targeted to port 2049
2) Set up an NFSv4 mount on the NFS server that binds to stunnel
3) Set up an NFSv4 automount on the NFS client that binds to stunnel
4) Attempt to mount the autofs location via navigating to the directory

A sample working environment with a failing test can be generated by doing the following:

1) Set up RVM ( and install Ruby version 2.1.9 and bundler
2) Run `git clone
3) Run 'cd pupmod-simp-simp_nfs'
4) Run 'bundle update'
5) Ensure that VirtualBox is installed and properly functioning and has space to spawn around 4 systems
6) Run 'BEAKER_destroy=onpass bundle exec rake beaker:suites[stunnel]'
7) On failure, navigate to './vagrant/beaker_vagrant_files/default.yml'
8) Run 'vagrant ssh client6 -- -l root' in two different windows
9) Run 'service autofs stop'
10) Run 'automount -fvd'
11) Run 'cd /home/test.user' in the other window and watch the output of 'automount'
Additional InformationThe following error message is output by 'automount -fvd':

[root@client6 etc]# automount -f -vd
Starting automounter version 5.0.5-132.el6, master map auto.master
using kernel protocol version 5.02
lookup_nss_read_master: reading master files auto.master
do_init: parse(sun): init gathered global options: (null)
lookup_read_master: lookup(file): read entry /home
master_do_mount: mounting /home
automount_path_to_fifo: fifo name /var/run/autofs.fifo-home
lookup_nss_read_map: reading map file /etc/autofs/
do_init: parse(sun): init gathered global options: (null)
mounted indirect on /home with timeout 300, freq 75 seconds
st_ready: st_ready(): state = 0 path /home
handle_packet: type = 3
handle_packet_missing_indirect: token 194, name test.user, request pid 24290
attempting to mount entry /home/test.user
lookup_mount: lookup(file): looking up test.user
lookup_mount: lookup(file): test.user -> -fstype=nfs4,port=2049,sec=sys
parse_mount: parse(sun): expanded entry: -fstype=nfs4,port=2049,sec=sys
parse_mount: parse(sun): gathered options: fstype=nfs4,port=2049,sec=sys
parse_mount: parse(sun): dequote("") ->
parse_mount: parse(sun): core of entry: options=fstype=nfs4,port=2049,sec=sys, loc=
sun_mount: parse(sun): mounting root /home, mountpoint test.user, what, fstype nfs4, options port=2049,sec=sys
mount_mount: mount(nfs): root=/home name=test.user what=, fstype=nfs4, options=port=2049,sec=sys
mount_mount: mount(nfs): nfs options="port=2049,sec=sys", nobind=0, nosymlink=0, ro=0
mount_mount: mount(nfs): calling mkdir_path /home/test.user
mount(nfs): nfs: mount failure on /home/test.user
dev_ioctl_send_fail: token = 194
failed to mount /home/test.user
handle_packet: type = 3
handle_packet_missing_indirect: token 195, name test.user, request pid 24290
dev_ioctl_send_fail: token = 195
statemachine:1472: got unexpected signal 28!
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2017-07-20 00:54




2017-07-20 01:09

reporter   ~0029699

Edit to the steps above:

6) Run 'BEAKER_destroy=onpass bundle exec rake beaker:suites[stunnel]'

Should be:

6) Run 'BEAKER_destroy=onpass bundle exec rake beaker:suites'

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