2018-01-21 01:12 UTC

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0013629Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-08-09 12:56
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Summary0013629: HPC SIG build system tags
DescriptionI want to request a a new tag in CBS for the HPC-SIG.

Name of the SIG: HPC-SIG
Name of the project: openhpc (or ohpc)
Release string: nothing really yet, we want to follow the OpenHPC repository which is currently at 1.3.1 and will probably soon release 1.3.2
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ovasik (reporter)

+1 as current HPC SIG chair...


adrian (reporter)

Anything else needed to get the buildsystem tags created?


alphacc (developer)

Hi Adrian,

Do you need it for C7 or C6 too ?

Do you need different buildroot for 1.3.X ?

I guess not ;

I proposed to have :
* hpc7-openhpc-common (this is default, no need to use it, it is an easy way in the future to share packages between tags that do not need rebuild at each minor release, check cloud sig structure or ping me on IRC/here if you need more info)

* hpc7-openhpc-1
* hpc7-openhpc-13

That's up to you if buildroot will change drastically between MINOR or MINOR updates.

Let me know !



adrian (reporter)

Only C7.

hpc7-openhpc-13 would make sense as we want to track the 1.3 branch in the beginning.


alphacc (developer)

Tag created.
thanks for your patience !

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