2018-01-21 16:18 UTC

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0013762Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2017-09-13 22:25
Summary0013762: CloudSIG: EOL releases
DescriptionSince this is the first time SIG archiving a release,
we'll use this to define and document EOL procedure in https://wiki.centos.org/SIGGuide

Please remove following CBS tags from the sync lists for buildlogs.c.o and mirror.c.o OpenStack releases which are EOLed upstream[1]


[1] https://releases.openstack.org/

TBD what to do with CBS tags and builds ?
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apevec (reporter)

This also includes archiving the last published content at vault.c.o


kbsingh@karan.org (administrator)

done, pushed - Brian, please validate and close once you are happy and edit the content-control to match.


apevec (reporter)

What was the criteria under which 7.x.y/ subfolder will the archived content end up?
I see kilo and liberty under
kilo, liberty, mitaka and newton under
and nothing under

Old content is also still available under


apevec (reporter)

BTW Newton is _not_ EOLed yet and I see there is:

Please note above request is for archiving EOLed juno to mitaka releases only!


apevec (reporter)

Capturing IRC discussion:
<kbsing> look at it this way
<kbsing> on the day 7.1511 came out, the repo that anyone running kilo would have been looking at is preserved in the same state
<kbsing> eg. in 7.1611 if a kernel update blew up someone's cloud, they use the last snapshot pre 1611, which would map to vault...
<apevec> hmm, ok, so it's snapshot whatever SIG repo had at that time
<hughesjr> yep
<kbsingh> the goal is to preserve the snapshot, to preserve the experience and keep it symetric
<kbsing> look at it differently... assume kilo straddles 2 releases, 1511 and 1611. the snapshot for 1511 in vault, would only contain kilo that was built against 1511, nothing that was built against newer content

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