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0013772CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-01-29 16:39
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Summary0013772: add Fedora Alternative Arches project to CI
DescriptionWe in the Fedora Alternative Arches group (SIG) want to run CI for upstream projects on the alt-arches to discover issues with their code before they get released and into the distro. Thus I would like to ask for creating a Fedora AltArch project in the CentOS CI, where we would add the needed jobs currently running on private Jenkins instance.

ssh public key:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCsVZmtaXlNLOlF/+IaFdGdRXXNhgXzCMd+YZ45DddDCS7vgAsmk18xjWx2hh0VPoPTDXTB5J8nEC/1b5Tz/ChW4Z01XCY0uLuJ08Nx/rrxb65GXt8voJEddoq0C+VSlxqoP3ykjIrPuk9Jy46y2FRO8m+JwrsQT632Y8IlIlPoBmUERzjhjCn3Kf2M1TktAUrye+Oau6Nj+b4u2Wdu0i6fpt+OAEaHrHxtbua2TEFyM4Iulh9XeEh5y94CHvciUUL0O5Y4t0jvgOn1a+Yf6vlgDGsG3Iixb53cXXBBINRbmoy3DWHAruhPkC/IwPZtPj61+/eJuEM3B47EEAw2b9IN

nick: sharkcz

GPG key id: 4848B550
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2017-09-06 11:06

administrator   ~0030011

Can you elaborate a bit more around why you need a private jenkins ?


2017-09-06 11:19

reporter   ~0030012

We don't need private (internal) Jenkins, it's what we use currently as our proof of concept environment. We want to get rid of this Jenkins instance and move everything to public space.


2017-09-27 04:06

administrator   ~0030224

Added, please see your welcome email for more information.

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