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0013799CentOS-7anacondapublic2017-09-14 11:11
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Target VersionFixed in Version7.4.1708 
Summary0013799: LibreOffice is not installed with "GNOME Desktop" selection in 7.4-1708
DescriptionIf I remember correctly LibreOffice used to be part of this selection in 7.3-1611.
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tigalch (manager)

Libreoffice is a group on its own for both KDE- and GNOME-desktop. This always had to be selected seperatly.


rudolf@palaticky.com (reporter)

strange, selected GNOME Desktop group in 7.3-1611 installer installs LibreOffice without explicitly selecting Office Suite group, but 7.4-1708 does not. Kisckstart scripts look the same on both.


avij (manager)

While I can confirm that LibreOffice got installed in 7.3.1611 and does not in 7.4.1708 with the GNOME Desktop base environment and Office Suite and Productivity ("A full-purpose office suite, and other productivity tools") unselected, I would argue that the previous behaviour was a bug and has now been corrected. Previously it was impossible to get a GNOME desktop without LibreOffice, now it is possible.

That said, there is no guarantee that kickstart scripts would always work without modifications between point releases. Package names change and they have different dependencies, requiring some minor tweaks. If you want to install LibreOffice, you should add the Office Suite and Productivity group (office-suite) explicitly to your kickstart.


rudolf@palaticky.com (reporter)

Makes sense. I also think that 7.4.1708 behavior is correct.

I guess we can close this bugreport.


JohnnyHughes (administrator)

This is a different behaviour based on the new comps.xml group file, but it is consistent with installing from RHEL, so will not be modified. I also agree with Avij .. this is the likely preferred behaviour so that you can install a Gnome or KDE desktop and not have to get LibreOffice installed.


tigalch (manager)

Closing as not an issue

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