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0013801CentOS-7gnome-system-monitorpublic2017-09-28 00:37
Platformintel OScentosOS Versioncentos 7 1708
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Summary0013801: gnome-system-monitor incorrect cpu numbers
Descriptioni get 2 cpu 44 cores 88 threads, but only show 0-57 cpus in gnome-system-monitor
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zosycn (reporter)

i go to gnome.org to see libgtop source code , i found this release NEWS below

13 February 2017: Overview of changes in 2.35.90

* Linux:
  - Use dynamically allocated cpu buffer
  - Do not cache getpagesize()
  - Use faster g_ascii_isspace in tokenization
  - Ignore paragraphs not describing a CPU/core

* Updated translations
* Added more gettext options

so i tried upgrade libgtop2-2.34.2-1.el7.src.rpm to libgtop2-2.38.0-1.el7.centos.x86_64 and recompile gnome-system-monitor and control-center
the cpu counts getting correct problem resolved.

it's the libgtop2 and libgtop2-devel issue, please update, thanks.

but gnome-system-monitor still didn't show %CPU column in Processes tab, if i check %CPU , an error shows up,see the attchments for details.

(gnome-system-monitor:12663): Gtk-WARNING **: Negative content width -12 (allocation 1, extents 6x7) while allocating gadget (node button, owner GtkButton)

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