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Summary0013876: Need Asciidoctor Installed on Slave03
DescriptionTo automate the building of our documentation for the Modular Documentation Project (modular-documentation-project), we need Asciidoctor installed on slave03.

Here is the Asciidoctor home page:


The source code can be found on GitHub here:


Or, Asciidoctor can be installed using RubyGems:


Please don't hesitate to yell at me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
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2017-09-20 17:35

administrator   ~0030160

Remember that the actual work (building the sources) needs to go on a freshly provisioned duffy node.

You can install whatever you like on those nodes. It helps to have a dependency install script that you can call whenever you request a new node.


2017-09-25 21:09

reporter   ~0030205


Ah, thanks for the reminder! I'll give it a try later this week.

Best Regards,

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