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0014089CentOS-7man-pagespublic2017-11-03 18:00
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.4.1708 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0014089: Manpage is incorrect for CentOS 7
Descriptionyum(8) states the "--security" flag can be used to scope updates to those marked as security updates. However, based on, the CentOS yum repos lack the necessary information to support this. While the feature may work for other repos, it does not work at all for CentOS.
Steps To Reproduceman yum
[attempt to use "--security" to select security-only updates]
Additional InformationA patch to the manpage is attached.
Tagscentos 7, yum




2017-11-03 18:00


yum.8.patch (409 bytes)
--- yum.8.orig	2017-11-03 12:44:00.325172241 -0500
+++ yum.8	2017-11-03 12:45:26.072631516 -0500
@@ -1182,4 +1182,7 @@
 There of course aren't any bugs, but if you find any, you should first
 consult the FAQ mentioned above and then email the mailing list: or filed in bugzilla.
+The CentOS base repositories lack the information needed to support use
+of the "--security" flag.
yum.8.patch (409 bytes)

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