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0014094mirrorunclassifiedpublic2018-03-08 09:26
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Summary0014094: does not exist does not exist.

When trying to use the debug mirror to install packages yum errors out with the following message, " [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found"
Steps To ReproduceI've gone to the directory on the website and verified that the repomd.xml.asc file does not exist.




2017-11-30 09:32

reporter   ~0030685

it seems the correct file should be
epodata/repomd.xml, rather than epodata/repomd.xml.asc.
I met the same problem, It seems there is solution yet, on the new centos7 release.
Keep me posted! I am also seeking for a solution


2018-01-19 14:06

reporter   ~0030966

repomd.xml.asc is for GPG armor, which was added recently to the upstream CentOS 7.4 repos, but was not available in previous versions. Please see the below link for the location of the new asc file.


2018-03-08 09:25

administrator   ~0031380

I have assigned this ticket to @JohnnyHughes, as he generates the repodata before pushing, but we never announced that we would sign the repodata itself for debuginfo, so nothing "wrong" at the infra level

So unless you have added repo_gpgcheck=1 for debuginfo (and not there by default) you shouldn't have that problem.

Now , let's consider this a RFE instead, and I'll let Johnny commenting on that request

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