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0014155CentOS-6grubpublic2017-11-20 17:22
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Platform64OScentosOS Version7
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Summary0014155: dual booting error: couldn't load file /vmlinuz-2.6.32-...
Descriptioninstalled centos7 on 4 colo servers, dual booting with pre-existing centos6.

the grub2 os-prober strategy is not very well thought out (and takes quite a long time). it's primary weakness is its results are out of date every time centos6 updates to a new kernel.

legacy-configfile is far more sensible, as it always boots the most recent centos6 kernel. (hello grub designers, configfile and legacy-configfile should be the default approach, much more sensible than os-prober results that get out of date!) (and hello centos maintainers, centos7 has its own grub2-mkconfig, it also would be more sensible for it to generate configfile and/or legacy-configfile!)

on 3 out of 4 of our servers, legacy-configfile works like a charm. on the 4th, it gets "error: couldn't load file /vmlinuz-2.6.32-..." (tho entries in grub.cfg boot fine).

during 2 out of 4 of the centos7 installs manual partitioning got something like 'insufficient embedding space with <filesystem>' (hello anaconda maintainers this message is misleading, it has nothing to do with the filesystem type), and would not proceed until i deleted the first existing partition, the centos6 boot partition. before deleting it i copied the contents to another partition and adjusted the grub.conf entries from root (hd0,1) to root (hd0,2) to correspond to the new centos6 boot partition. to be more exact each server has 2 discs and each partition is setup as raid1 with identical partitioning on the other disc. these entries boot fine on one of these 2 installs, but the other box gives the above error when attempting to boot any of the entries on the legacy-configfile menu.
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