2018-02-20 05:36 UTC

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0014193mirrorunclassifiedpublic2017-11-27 06:28
Summary0014193: Symlink dir_sizes up a level
DescriptionWe are constantly asked for size requirements for mirrors. There is already a centos/dir_sizes file but it's not at the root level of http://mirror.centos.org and thus is not seen my most people asking the question. In fact I admit I was not aware of the file myself and did not spot it on a cursory look. Linking this file up to the root of the hierarchy would be a quick and easy solution to making it more visible to interested parties.
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arrfab (administrator)

Forgot to press submit on the notes I added :

As there is also /altarch/dir_sizes, the following symlinks were created :

 dir_sizes_altarch -> altarch/dir_sizes
 dir_sizes_centos -> centos/dir_sizes

So people interested in mirroring also altarch content can see the required HDD space too

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