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0014207CentOS-6-OTHERpublic2018-02-23 09:54
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Summary0014207: Subprocess launching exits with code 32512
DescriptionHi, I'm the team lead for Komodo IDE. Komodo IDE is meant to support CentOS 6 onward but as of Komodo version 11 this is no longer the case. It seems CentOS has issues with the way subprocesses are launched. For this we use the Mozilla child_process SDK described here:

When running any sort of process through that SDK it results in exit code 32512. After thorough testing it does not appear that the process is executed at all, something prevents it from executing.

This issue is not present on CentOS 7, but has also been reproduced on RedHat 6 (7 again is fine).

Searching for the exit code on google gives me numerous results of a similar nature, almost always relating to subprocesses.

I've tried disabling selinux to no avail. Is there any way to find out what's happening? Given this is working in CentOS 7 and that this is based on production code from Firefox (the Mozilla SDK) I feel the issue most likely originates from CentOS.
Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce the issue you will need to use Komodo IDE 11, which you can download here:

Both IDE and Edit should reproduce the issue, but I have only used IDE for my tests.

Once installed simply open Komodo and run the following from the "Console widget" (in the bottom pane):

var child_process = require("sdk/system/child_process");
var p = child_process.spawn('/usr/bin/whoami');

p.stdout.on('data', console.log);
p.stderr.on('data', console.error);
p.on('close', console.warn);
Additional InformationAdditional debug logging from Mozilla's child_process SDK:

getlimit: maxFD=1024
subprocess started; got PID 4099
Creating new stdin worker
Got msg from stdout: initialising library with
Got msg from stdout: waitpid signaled subprocess stop, exitcode=32512
Got msg from stdout: poll returned HUP
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2018-02-21 17:11

manager   ~0031285

32512 is 0x7f00 or a return code of 127 from the program. Did you check your audit logs for selinux denials - testing after running `setenforce 0` might tell you if it is involved.


2018-02-21 23:58

reporter   ~0031290

As I noted in the Description disabling selinux unfortunately made no difference.


2018-02-23 09:54

administrator   ~0031297

Not sure if that relevant, but are you building the default gcc on CentOS-6?
The current firefox on CentOS-6 as built from is built with the bundled gcc and friends..

firefox.spec file:
%if 0%{?rhel} == 7
%ifarch s390x
%define use_bundled_gcc 1

%if 0%{?rhel} == 6
%define use_bundled_python 1
%define use_bundled_gcc 1
%define use_bundled_yasm 1
%define system_ffi 0
%ifarch ppc ppc64 ppc64le
%define use_bundled_ffi 1
%define use_bundled_binutils 1


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