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0014278CentOS-7systemdpublic2018-01-05 23:50
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Summary0014278: systemd update causes /run tmpfs to fill up with sessions
DescriptionAfter a systemd update on october 21. Our servers /run/systemd/sessions keep filling up with files and it hogs the whole /run filesystem

# du -hs /run/systemd/sessions
976M /run/systemd/sessions

Systemd updated on 21. of october and after that session files are not cleaned from /run/systemd/sessions. This causes the system to become unstable, if run partition disk space runs out

Boot fixes the problem

This is also confirmed by my friend who administeres RHEL 7 environment.
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TrevorH (developer)

It would appear that updates to systemd now require a reboot to avoid this sort of problem and others related to it. The problem appears to be a known one upstream and newer systemd versions have been fixed - it's to do with losing its dbus connection.

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